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How to spot fake pay stubs and credit reports

Parents, in particular, may need to provide recent pay stubs when applying for financial assistance, medical programs or school scholarships. Pay stubs provide regular documentation of an employee's compensation. They are issued when a direct deposit is paid to the employee's financial account or are attached to a paper paycheck.

Information included on a pay stub typically includes:. Your pay stubs can help you keep track of your income and ensure that you are being paid what you are owed.

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They can also be used to verify your identity, prove tax withholding and confirm your income. Pay stubs can contain a lot of sensitive information, including your Social Security number, legal name, employer name and how much money you make. In the wrong hands, this information could be used to steal your identity. Treat your pay stubs as you would any other sensitive document: Store them in a secure place, and, if you are disposing of paper pay stubs, be sure to shred them first.

Many landlords, creditors and government agencies accept pay stubs as proof of income. However, you may be required to supply additional documentation, such as income tax returns. The person or organization that requests your pay stubs may also contact your employer to verify the information. Don't be offended if, after providing your pay stubs, you are asked for additional proof of income or learn that your boss got a call from the requester seeking to verify your income.

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Response and Analysis Yes, but many of these alternatives include legal risks and should therefore be used with an abundance of caution. Licensing and Registration Manager. Human Resources Administrator. Principal Consultant.

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Employment Verification: The “Need to Knows” in an Age of Resume Fraud

As a result, your IP address has been temporarily blocked. Background Screening. License No. CA PI TN PI Twitter Linkedin Facebook. How does a background check verify employment?

What are Employment Verifications?

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