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We win! But we have to wait for the final stipulation papers to be signed for the settlement to take effect. We spend the next month wanting to shout the news from the rooftops, but unable to blab it publicly. But everything else looks good, and our long-suffering attorney tells us we can finally publicize the news. September 14, The final Stipulation of Settlement and Discontinuance papers are filed in court. You can read that here. According to the terms of the draft settlement, our records are legally supposed to be arriving in the mail in the coming days.

Maybe the microfilms will have the application date, just as they did for the earlier records , while the text database will have the actual marriage date. To finally win these records in the settlement without enduring further legal hassles, we did have to compromise a little bit:. Thank you, FamilySearch! And the next time you see them at a genealogy conference, will you please make sure to say thank you to them on our behalf? This project is going to be a lot of data to wrangle, with probably over , images to upload, so this may take a while, perhaps until the end of the year to get it all done.

The CSV file of the searchable text database will also be uploaded to the Internet Archive. But those of you who follow Reclaim the Records on Facebook already knew about our donation. This should happen by early Record Type: Marriage Records. Number of Records Estimated : about 2 million for , and a little over 3. Me: I read you loud and clear. Our EIN is January 14, We follow up by mail, asking for a response. January 29, We follow up by mail, asking for a response. February 15, We follow up by mail, asking for a response. As far as we know, the columns of available data will be the same sort of basic data available in the microfilm images: surname, given name, year, borough, etc.

More on that below. But because this will have so many rows of data probably millions! But whether they will do so or not is entirely up to them.

We assume most people would prefer to use the database format. But we only got it for Luckily, the information in that present marriage database should still be legally available to the public under New York FOIL, as long as any overly-personal information gets redacted from the database first. So, in order to complete this data set, Reclaim The Records will be making a new records request for the or perhaps New York City marriage index later this year or early next year. We are committed to getting this post marriage index data, too.

For another thing, a database would include all the same-sex couples whose marriages started to be recorded in New York City starting in June , so this would we think be the first-ever genealogical marriage records data set open to the public on any website to finally include same-sex marriages. That definitely seems like a worthwhile thing to contribute to the world. And indeed, that in-house database they have does have that information available as database columns for the brides and grooms, although the older microfilms do not.

So we asked, could we perhaps just get the year of birth instead, dropping the month and day? So we figured, why not try to push it and ask for the data here? So we sighed and we decided not to fight them on this issue, which could potentially have gotten us tied up in court for months.

They will be redacting the birthdate columns from the database before they give it to us. If we have to compromise a little, this seems okay to us. I am now living in a state that requires proof that I changed my name — that is, I need to show my birth certificate obviously that is in my maiden name and my Social Security card which shows my married name and, since they don't match, proof of the name change. Kansas seems to have lost my marriage certificate, and questions whether the officiant ever filed it. I'm pretty sure it was, but after 29 years I don't remember the name and even if I did I doubt he would remember the event.

What are my options for getting proof of marriage and name change at this point? Hi Elizabeth. You can try contacting the Department of Health's vital statistics office about filing a delayed marriage certificate, since the old one can't be found. Then obtain a certified copy of that for additional proof.

Hello Elizabeth, Did you ever resolve your issue? My mother is in the same predicament and needs to get a drivers license in a different state. Hi I got married on September 12, but I did not send it the certificate that my marriage officer gave to me. Am I legally married or not?

If I distroying the certificate is there any proof that I was married? Hi Natalee. You'll have to submit a delayed marriage certificate. Contact the office that would have handled the recording of your license about the procedure, which varies by state. You may have to submit affidavits from you, your spouse, witnesses, and the officiant.

How to Apply for a Marriage License in New York - Step-by-Step Tutorial

Hello I just wanna know if we can getting married true online and how I assure that the certificate is real.. Thank you so much.

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Freaking out my husband and I were married may of that year talking to my best friend who's getting married next week and she said somethimy about sending marriage lisence in after ceremony I ran and looked at mine and it say marriage lisence and certified it's the one we signed with pastor and witnesses and filled out at town hall now I'm scared were no really married!!! Hi anonymous. You're married, but it's possible the office responsible for recording your license and certificate never got a return, so they have no record of your marriage.

Contact the office to see if your pastor turned in a copy. If not, the clerk will explain to you how to file a delayed marriage certificate. What if I'm not having a wedding or anyone marrying us, how do I get a certificate after the marriage license? Can they do it all at the court house? Hi Tia. Some courthouses do offer civil ceremonies. You'll have to contact them for scheduling and fees. Your marriage certificate will be obtained from the office that recorded the marriage, regardless of how the marriage took place.

Index to New York City Marriage Licenses, 1908-1929

Hi, I recently got married in Hawaii and they sent me a marriage certificate, the thing is they did not put their state seal on it to make it certified. Now I am not able to change my name yet, do I need to call them and tell them what happened or do I need to just need to order a new one when it wasn't my fault.

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Hi Makinna. The vital records office is Hawaii's department of health issues certified documents by default. Are you certain it's not certified? A lack of a seal doesn't necessarily mean it's not certified. Hi, my husband just married my sister and brother in law over the weekend in Ohio at their house. Where it says place of marriage, does he just put their address since that's where the ceremony happened? I was just married in new york state, dutchess county to be exact. My marriage license was mailed in by my oficient with my Adress as the return adress.

Will a mariage liscence be mailed to me or do I need to request one, if so when and how will i know the license has been recieved and processed? A certificate of marriage registration will automatically be mailed to you.

Birth, Marriage, and Death Records | New York State Archives

If you haven't received it within four weeks, contact the city or town clerk to find out what happened. My fiance and I are going to the county clerk to get our certificate then but, what exactly do we get that day? What happens after we apply for it? You can't apply on October 21, , as that's a Saturday and Michigan county clerk offices close on weekends.