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Marriage License Public Lookup beta Search for publicly accessible information about marriage licenses recorded in Indiana. The following errors occurred:. Applicant 1 Name: Last Name.

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First Name. Applicant 2 Name: Last Name. First Name:. You and your betrothed will have to go to the local county clerk's office with your identification showing your date of birth. However, you can start the application process online to save time at the clerk's office. The county clerk's office also collects family information from marriage applicants that's used for genealogical research. Applicants must bring the full name including maiden name of mother , last known address, and birthplace state or foreign country for both of their parents, including adopted parents if adopted.

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Be sure to show up sober to apply for a marriage license, as applicants who are under the influence or alcohol or drugs will be denied. Additionally, if either party has been legally found incompetent, they will have to get that court decision removed before applying. In addition, an Indiana court can authorize a marriage license for a bride who's 15 or 16 years old and is pregnant or has a child and the groom is at least 15 and is the father.

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In this case, the parent or guardian of the bride and groom must receive notice of the hearing to determine their request to marry or are dead, incapacitated, delinquent in child support, abandoned their child, or is missing. You may apply for a marriage license in the county either spouse lives in or where the marriage will be solemnized. Your identification such as driver's license, passport, or birth certificate showing your date of birth and your Social Security number although you won't necessarily need the physical card, check ahead with your local clerk's office on their policy.

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For previously married applicants, you need to know how death, divorce, annulment and when the prior marriage s ended. Some counties require a certified copy of the divorce decree. Know the town, but not the County? Bookmark GenWed! How to Obtain an Indiana Marriage Certificate: Certified copies of marriage certificates are available from the Clerks of the Circuit Court in the county where the marriage took place.

Addresses are included on the county pages. Fees vary by county. Getting married is a wonderful thing. It's so important that most people spend more time preparing for their wedding day than they do preparing to purchase their first home. Couples, and their families, often spend enough on a wedding to actually pay for a good portion of a house. Weddings are important to the marrying couple. They are a day for family to come together and to spend time letting the bride and groom know how they feel about them.

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Once you're married, you'll fill out a marriage license which validates your marriage, and it makes sense that you'd want to hang on to it, as you'll need it to change names on things like bank accounts and to prove that you are actually married. Why would someone want to look up Indiana marriage records for someone other than themselves? One main reason some people search for specific Indiana marriage records is in order to prove that someone is married or that they are divorced. Unfortunately, there are some people who lie about themselves and present themselves as single when they most definitely are not.

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you were to learn that the person that you're married to was not single like you thought they were? Many people now look for things like Indiana marriage records in order to prove that the person that they're dating is single.

Allen County IN Marriage Records

Another important reason for people to look up Indiana marriage records is to learn about their past. Marriage records are a great source to learn about your family's past, as they not only give you information about the bride and groom, like the bride and groom's birthdates and places of birth , but they also give you information about the bride and groom's parents as well.

Indiana marriage records will tell you the name of the parents of the happy couple as well as where they were born, and older Indiana marriage records will also give you a hint about how the family members were employed. Some marriage records will have information about what the couple, or their parents, did as an occupation, and if you're seeking information to fill in your family tree, then this can definitely be a huge help. Another reason some people look into Indiana marriage records is to fulfill their curiosity.

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