How do i find lost people

The U. Coast Guard today announced that it had suspended its search at P. EST for three boaters, including two pro football players , missing in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Clearwater, Fla. The trio was part of a group of four men who left from Clearwater on a fishing trip Saturday and were reported missing early Sunday after failing to return.

In calling off the hunt, Coast Guard Capt. Timothy Close said that "We're extremely confident that if there are any survivors on the surface of the water that we would have found them," the Associated Press reports. The Coast Guard located their capsized, foot 6. Former University of South Florida football player Nick Schuyler, 24, found wearing a life vest and clinging to the outboard motor on the overturned vessel, said that he and his friends were pulling up anchor when a large wave rolled over their craft on Saturday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The Coast Guard had initially searched an area of about 16, square miles 41, square kilometers , but narrowed it to 4, square miles 12, square kilometers based on information from Schuyler. To find out how authorities go about finding those lost at sea or in other vast waters , ScientificAmerican. The initial step is to talk with the reporting source and essentially gather as much information as possible about the particular case.

We want to know possibly where and when the boaters got in trouble, when they left port, where they intended to go fishing and where else they may have gone fishing — what their plan B was. How does the Coast Guard use this information to determine where and how to search? I was actually just looking at wind and weather off Clearwater where the boaters have gone missing. How does the software program work? To begin devising the search in SAROPS, we first pick from a list of search objects for which we have previously calculated drift equations.

Looking at types of vessels, we have things like life rafts, sea kayaks, sailboats, skiffs, Cuban refugee rafts, debris-like objects and more. Some particles will be assigned as people in the water and others as the boat, and they all can start drifting at different times and locales. What this allows us to do statistically is actually make something like 10, guesses about where the boaters got in trouble and when and where they might end up.

We can make 10, guesses for a given scenario A, and 10, guesses for a different scenario B. All these particles get their own weighting as to which scenario is most probable. Are winds factored into the search parameters? It is much easier to find someone if everywhere you have looked can be crossed off without wondering if the lost person just reached somewhere you had checked just an hour ago. That must have been scary enough for you, as a ten-year-old, to be lost in a conservation area at night if you remember it to this day.

Regardless of the fact that you were lost with your teacher and half a dozen other students you did pick up on the teacher becoming increasingly concerned. I have been lost before… at the drive in, of all places, I got very disoriented in the dark and could not find our car when I got out to go to the snack bar to get popcorn. I got panicky and angry at myself. When I calmed down a little I looked at the screen and by walking across the lot I located our car based on how the screen looked what angle the screen was at like from inside the car.

I got very methodical and figured out how to locate the car in the end but that panicky feeling never left me then and every time we went to the drive-in after that. I can totally understand the panicky feeling of being lost at a drive-in. That has happened to me too, and I solved the problem in exactly the same way that you did.

Thank goodness for logic that works in the dark! LOL ; , I am so happy to know I am not the only one who came out carrying snacks and found myself all turned around and lost. I felt like such a fool at the time.


Logic rules!! Perhaps the search and rescue teams need to make it another category! It makes complete sense now that I read it.

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Fingers crossed that I will never need to use the information gleaned! I hear you, Donna. It was terrifying. She was right beside me, holding the handle of the stroller while I looked at clothes on a big circular rack. Without stepping away from the stroller, I called her name and looked frantically in every direction.

Trackers revive, teach old skill for finding lost people

Then I heard a little giggle. She had crawled inside the circular rack below the clothes and was hiding on me. The second time was about a year later. K and I, and her newborn baby sister were at a food court in a mall. We had finished our snack and I was putting the baby back in the stroller and loading the diaper bag, perhaps distracted for about a minute. I looked up and K was nowhere in sight. I called her name. There were not many people around and no-one had seen her leave. I began running down the hallway of the mall pushing the baby in the stroller and shouting name.

I was running toward the administration office so I could report her missing.

Find them.

Around a corner and way down the hallway, I found her. She was grinning and hugging the giant furry mascot of the Mall human in a costume. It turned out that K had noticed big green footprints in the mall hallway and followed them to the mascot; she loved big fuzzy creatures. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life.

Oh my gosh, Jude. I so clearly remember the terror I felt when my niece was lost for those few minutes — the feeling of overwhelming dread, the panic. To have that happen twice with your daughter — I imagine that future trips were exhausting for you as you kept an eagle eye on her every second. I hope she grew out of that behaviour quite quickly!

What a fascinating article and story! I have never been really lost, in the sense that someone had to search for me, but many times have I had the sensation that I had no idea where I was anymore. It is a feeling that makes your heart stop and your stomach turn.

Usually, common sense, or whoever I am with who often has a better sense of direction , helps me pick up the trail or head in the right direction again. Which is OK.

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I need to learn patience from you, Liesbet. I always want to get there NOW! My son and I got lost on a hunting trip. We were supposed to take a 20 minute walk around a mountainous area and meet back at the truck. There is no option to stay in the same square although the person could return to the same square later. Oh, that is 1, steps. Is it really random? Let's just assume so - it looks random although I remember seeing something that said humans aren't very good at estimating if something is random. Now for two drunks. Let's just run this sucker and see how long it takes for them to find each other.

For this first run, it took moves for the drunks to find each other. I added a start and end point for each drunk just so it's easier to see where they meet. Everything seems to be working fine. Of course, if you run this simulation a few times you can get some crazy numbers. It could take as few as 8 moves or as many as 15, Clearly, I am going to have to run this a whole bunch of times.

Before I modify my code too much, let me share it with you.

How to locate lost friends and family members

Here it is as a gist. Now you can play around with the code and see what happens.

But what's next? Sure, I could run this code a million times and write down the results of how many moves it took - but I won't. That's just way too much work. Instead, I will take the same code and remove the plotting part as well as to make the main calculation portion a function.

In this function, I will give the starting locations of the two drunks and it will run and return the number of steps needed for them to find each other. That way, I can call this function a million times I won't do it that many and create a plot showing the distribution of moves for these drunks. The thing I like to do is to make this program first work without creating a function.