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Small businesses often forgo candidate background checks for one of two reasons. The first is the false sense of security and trust that small business owners develop working closely with their employees. The second is that most business owners don't understand the legal liabilities associated with candidate screening and background checks.

While employers can do background checks on their own, it may be worth considering a company that specializes in background screening for hiring purposes. This can ensure the thoroughness and reliability of background checks. Before choosing a company to help you with background checks, be sure that the company will follow the guidelines set by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC.

A reputable company that provides background checks will also make sure that the data you receive is current, accurate and in line with regulations. You might consider having this permission given on your job applications to reduce any wait times between correspondence. Many businesses use this technique. Purchasing instant public records, i. If you confirm your hiring decisions are based on searchable public record data, you may be more likely to be held liable for employee misconduct via the theories of negligent hiring and negligent retention.

These two theories hold that employers are responsible for the actions of their employees if they did not reasonably attempt to identify potential dangers to others when hiring, or did not take immediate action to remove an employee who has caused harm or been convicted of a crime in an area that can be proven to be relative to the business.

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For example, hiring or keeping a delivery driver with a DUI conviction is not illegal, but could lead to liability. This is because it demonstrates bad judgment on an employer's part.

How Do I Run a Background Check on a Business?

If the driver hits another car and is found to have been drinking the company may be held liable. If the DUI conviction was received while employed as a delivery driver, and the employer took no action they could be liable in the same circumstance. However, the act includes a sub-section that discourages employers from running a credit check by requiring consent from the applicant.

If an employer makes a hiring decision based on information found from the credit check, they must inform the job seeker of the source used for the credit check. While it is not illegal to conduct a social media search on your prospects, it is a controversial topic.

There are many factors to consider when selecting a background check service. Here are the criteria we used in making our choices, and we recommend you do the same:. Price: Pricing varies across companies and depending upon the types and quantities of reports you need. Many companies offer three levels of pre-configured packages. Some have a one-time registration fee. For large quantities of background checks there are often discounts available, but that generally requires a conversation with a customer service representative.

DIY vs. See the DIY section below for tips.

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DIY approaches often do not comply with regulations, which require, among other things, that job candidates consent to background checks in writing and that they may review results. When reviewing any company, it's a good idea to verify that its process is FCRA compliant. Breadth of offerings: While background screening companies may run many of their searches through online databases, those that are full-service often include live-person services such as reference checks and county court visits.

These services can add to the validity and accuracy of your background check. Some offer online platforms that make it easy for candidates to provide information and for you to see real-time reports while also integrating with many HR platforms. Customer support: Many companies offer a wide range of customer support. Some offer phone support Monday through Friday. Others have phone, email and online chat options.

Best background check services at a glance

Some assign an account manager to each customer. As you assess your need for support and your work schedule, look for a company whose availability matches your support need. Quality of the business: There are several ways to assess the quality of the service provided by a business. Look at customer reviews as well as reviews in business publications. See if the company has any accreditations, such as from the Better Business Bureau BBB , or from an industry association that seeks to hold members to a high standard.

Their website is easy to navigate and understand. This is particularly helpful to those who are new to background screenings. Recognizing that the background check is part of a potential employee's first impressions of your company, GoodHire touts their automated, easy-to-follow screening process that integrates with many HR platforms and delivers accurate reports. Read our full GoodHire review. Pros: GoodHire's packages are straightforward, turn-around times are stated and the pricing is readily available while many other companies require you contact them for this information.

How To Start A Background Check Business - Online From Home

Their tools and customer service are designed to support both the job candidate and the client. With 36 years of experience in background screening, Justifacts is our pick for Best Background Check Service for Landlords Justifacts services are available across industries, so many of the reports landlords and property managers need to run on potential tenants are already part of Justifacts' process.

However, they also offer reports that are specific to landlord and property managers screening needs, such as a tenant credit check and previous landlord reference checks. Pros: Justifacts' real estate services evolved from their work with existing clients in other industries and are supported by the tools and structures Justifacts has put in place for all customers. For example, reports are accessed via their recently updated web portal rather than received via email.

Additionally, each client is assigned an account manager. Cons: Because Justifacts offers services across industries, you won't find the customizations specific for landlords offered by some background services companies that solely focus on landlords e. What sets the company apart from others providing this service, according to Lorin Biederman, eNannySource Operations Manager, is that "we personally review each order that comes through. We do not solely rely on database results. Read our full eNannySource review. Pros: Their customer support is available via phone and email.

We tested both and received a call back within the same business day and email response was even quicker. Cons: Background screening is only one part of the nanny resource services eNannySource offers, which may be why they don't have some of the tools, such as as a web portal, that some other vendors offer. Instead, reports are provided as pdfs via email. What set Justifacts apart in our review is a demonstrated commitment to compliance and technology tools to assist customers.

In May they launched an updated web portal where clients cannot only view reports in real time but can also access Justifacts' new Individual Assessment Tool that helps clients with Equal Employment Opportunities Commission EEOC compliance. Justifacts services are available across industries, so many of the reports financial companies need to run on potential employees are already part of the Justifacts process.

Pros: Justifacts does not offer pre-configured packages as they work with each client to determine the specific reports they need. According to Aaron Cotter, Sales Manager, with this personal approach they were able to make adjustments to their processes to meet the unique needs of banking customers and save them money. Cons: Because Justifacts does not offer pre-configured packages of their services, you cannot find a cost-estimate for the reports you need on their website.

Therefore, you can't do a quick online cost comparison versus their competition, but instead you'll have to contact the company to discuss your specific needs.

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To save money, you may consider a do-it-yourself DIY approach to running a background check. While this is fine for some situations, such as checking out a potential mate you met online or learning about a long-lost relative, you must use caution if you are pre-screening a potential employee or tenant because the FCRA regulates background checks for these purposes. There are many ways to gather information on people in our digital age. But, keep in mind, the information you find can be misleading, incomplete and even, at times, incorrect. Search engines, public records, and social media are just a few sources you can search for free.

With the breadth and depth of background screening services available, we utilized an expansive review of search terms, social trending and web research to narrow our list. We then researched further to determine if there were additional qualifiers specific to companies that focused on a particular industry, such as household, finance and landlord. Once we narrowed our list for review, we looked at each company's website for ease of use and quality of information.

For any missing information we contacted the company. In this process, we not only filled in information gaps, but also assessed their speed and thoroughness of response.