Becoming the Psilocybe cubensis on a substrate of straw is the best decision in the event that you target developing at a to some degree bigger scope, for it is simpler to deliver than a rye substrate. The straw conveys a superior taking care of ground for the Psilocybe cubensis than rye does; the mushrooms appear to become bigger and increasingly various on straw.

To begin with, you need to set up the produce. You start with immunizing a container with rye, simply equivalent to you would make the containers for the development of mushrooms on just rye. At the point when this container with rye is completely colonized we won’t use it as substrate. Notwithstanding, we are going to utilize this container with mycelium on rye to vaccinate a sack with a straw. At the point when you disseminate colonized rye all through straw, the mycelium will grow further all through the straw. At the point when you use mycelium along these lines to immunize another substrate it’s called bringing forth. In this strategy, the colonized rye will fill in as bring forth for straw. For a standard channel sack with a straw, you need around 2 containers of produce mushroommedia.

To start with, the straw should be slashed to a limit of 5 cm. On the off chance that the straw is too long the mycelium will experience issues with colonizing the straw. At the point when the straw has been hacked to the correct length, the time has come to absorb it water. This should be possible by placing the straw in an enormous plastic sack and fill this with water. Watch out with this, it can turn out to be effectively a wreck. Let this represent in any event a couple of hours, albeit a few cultivators like to let it douse for even 2-3 days. After the splashing, the straw must be depleted completely. At last, fill a channel sack with the splashed/depleted straw. At that point the channel pack with straw must be disinfected (15 psi, 3 hours) or sanitized (60-70 °C, 2 hours). In any case, don’t close the channel pack with a drive sealer yet, the bring forth has still to be disseminated all through the sack at a later second.

At the point when the disinfected or purified straw is totally chilled, it’s a great opportunity to separate the generate over the pack of straw. Before you vaccinate the straw with the bring forth, cautiously shake the produce in the container so the pieces of mycelium break separated. The straw would now be able to be vaccinated with the bring forth. Open the channel pack with the straw and pour the mycelium taken care of. Close the pack quickly with a decent fixing. It’s essential to equitably separate the bring forth over the straw, to maintain a strategic distance from the substrate from not colonizing totally. Particularly with a mass of wet straw in a channel pack, this can end up being a problematic activity.

At long last, place the full channel pack in the brooding room. Once more, let time accomplish its work and following 2 to about a month, the straw will be completely colonized with mycelium. Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to set up the last stage. Take an enormous clean box, spread out the colonized straw with a tallness of 7-10 cm and put a packaging layer on it. Altogether spread the container with plastic foil. Spot the case in the hatching room once more, and give the mycelium time to frame a solid system through the packaging layer. Following a few days, when the mycelium is obviously noticeable through the packaging layer, it very well may be presented to fruiting conditions. Under ordinary conditions, the principal pinheads will appear following 7 – 10 days.

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